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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I once heard a makeup artist say you should clean your personal brushes once a week, but he cleaned his pro brushes in his kit for clients daily after each use. I wondered if not washing my personal for a whole week was ok after using them daily. Not that I'm very good at that. But I do notice that I will break out THE VERY NEXT DAY if I have used a foundation or blush makeup brush that hasn't been washed in over a week, even if I only used it once.

But don't you ever feel too lazy to clean them? Or do you clean them at all? Hmm that's the real question?!

Why you should clean your brushes

*to prevent bacteria buildup & clogged pores

*to extend the life of the bristles

*they accumulate acne-causing bacteria, dead skin cells and oil

*smoother application

How often you should clean your brushes (recommendations)

I personally would say clean them after each use, but there are some industry experts who say you can wait some time based on the type of product and brush:

*foundation & concealer brushes at least once a week (recommended by dermatologists)

*eye shadows at least every other month (according to Bobbi Brown)

How to clean your makeup brushes

My favorite brush cleanser is the Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleansing Balm by Sonia Kashuk, which I usually find at Target for about $12. It gets the stubborn foundation and concealer out perfectly with warm water. It also comes with scrubbing pad so you don't need to purchase an additional product.

1. wet the brush with warm water

2. twirl it in the balm first, then the scrubbing pad

3. rinse

4. use a paper towel to pat dry

(make sure it's the type of paper towel that won't leave white fibers on your brush)

5. air dry overnight

During covid, on my professional makeup brushes in my kit, after washing them, I spray them with 99% alcohol - just in case!


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