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Selena-Inspired Makeup

Netflix is releasing their new anticipated series on SELENA tomorrow at midnight PST. Can't wait! So I felt inspired to mimic her traditional makeup look and infamous Latina red lips.

Here's how I made it happen.



Selena never overdid it on the eyeshadow. Her standard look was a light lid and brow bone, with a warm or taupey crease. I used only 2 colors from the Smashbox Cover Shot palette called Minimalist.


If she wore lashes, they were never dramatic. I would suggest individual lashes if you want to add some fullness with a natural lash look. I chose to just double up on the mascara here with no faux lashes.


If you look closely to her performances, the focus was on her eyeliner, which wasn't much of a wing, but more of a cat eye. This is actually much easier to achieve if you're a beginner to upper eyeliner. With a liquid liner, draw a line directly from your upper lash line (on your lid) straight out, stopping no further than the end of your brow. My fave liquid liner is the Epic Ink Liner by NYX.


Selena was known for her staple red lips so it was only right that MAC Cosmetics launch her own red lipstick, Selena La Reina, which I used. (Tough to find now.) Overdraw that pout with a lip liner for a juicy, full pucker.


She also stuck to a warmer peachy blush. I'm wearing one of my favorites by Tarte - the Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in the shade Blissful. You can actually get one for FREE (and a mascara) with Tarte's current promotion below. Just click the image to start shopping.

Throw on some hoop earrings and you've got a Selena Quintanilla look!



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