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The State of the Beauty Industry

I’ve spent so many hours on this couch since March. So many weddings and prom makeup appointments cancelled. This pandemic has affected our beauty & personal care industry like I would have never imagined.

Weddings are postponed. Zoom nuptials are at an all-time high.

Working from home is the new norm for many of us, but many retail workers & beauty pros are still out of work. Some jobs, like Makeup Artistry, can't be done online.

Virtual Makeup Lessons are a big thing now.

Beauty stores are hosting more virtual events & personal shopping opportunities.

The beauty service industry (salons & spas) was disrupted and some businesses never bounced back.

Bricks and and mortar shifted to e-commerce. Shopping for Makeup has never been more accessible online but also confusing at the same time. How do you select your correct shade when you can't go in to a makeup store?

As businesses reopen, and house calls return, everyone will wear PPE.

Sanitation is nonnegotiable.

Skin care and eye makeup is outperforming.

More 1:1 consults are being provided.

As retailers reopen, they'll evolve - no testers, limited occupancy, a unique physical footprint.

It will all look and feel differently down the road. But the good is that salons will be safer. We'll be more connected virtually. Further education will be available. And, beauty will be more accessible online than ever before.


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