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SPF. Don't Leave Home Without It.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

If you’re open to getting some air as the summer heat approaches, please, wear your sunscreen!

I am a hardcore advocate for skin care with ☀️ SPF, but, somehow, last Saturday, I didn’t follow my own rule. I applied the my Mineral Sunscreen by REN and wore a hat to protect my face. And, as most of us do when we are out and about, I totally forgot about about the rest of my body as I hiked with a back-less and sleeve-less jumpsuit.

Did you know that over 100 photons enter the skin with no sunscreen? Versus SPF 30 gives us about 97% protection allowing only about 3 photons from entering the skin.

“What is a PHOTON?” you may be asking yourself right now: it’s a particle that transmits light... basically a discrete amount of electromagnetic radiation! 🙀 (Ya'll are seriously getting an spf education from me today!)

Interesting Fact: If your hair is RED, you are at a a HIGHER risk of contracting skin cancer if

sun burn

not protected. There's a special gene mutation in red heads with fair skin that allows for more cancer-causing UV radiation exposure than others. Crazy, right?!

I'm currently on the search for a body spray sunscreen. And when I find one I like, I'll be sure to post about it!

So... moral of the story: wear your 🔆SUNSCREEN‼️ on both body and face!


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