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The More Masks, The Merrier

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Gosh, I've been spending so much time indoors focusing on my business that I neglected my - dare I say it - skin care last month. As someone who does wear makeup regularly, this is a no no! I pulled out all of my favorite jars of masks and put them in areas that served their purposes. Did you know that you can apply more than one mask in different areas of your face for different benefits? While the purpose of most masks is to help remove weekly impurities, many have multiple additional benefits.


Forehead: Chlorophyll Detox Mask by PerriconeMD An intensely purifying face mask that visibly minimizes pores, lines and wrinkles with chlorophyll-enriched microcapsules that deeply detoxify and cleanse. Cheeks: Blue Rescue Mask by StriVectin Encapsulated Blue Algae Extract and pigments activate upon application, transforming from white to ocean blue color as it renews skin and boosts radiance. Nose: Love & Charcoal Mask by One Love Organics An exquisitely creamy and ultra-effective detoxifying and exfoliating masque to help clarify the complexion while extracting dirt, debris and impurities from the skin. Chin: Fruit-Tox Mask by Naturally Serious Skin This exfoliating and refining detox treatment provides 2x's exfoliation and intense detoxifying power to reveal brighter, smoother-looking skin and shrink pores.


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