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Wedding Day Hair Prep

How to Prep your Hair Before Your Trial and Wedding Day so your Style can Last as Long as Possible

Before one of our hair stylists arrives on your hair trial appointment or your wedding day, here's what you should do and not do to your hair.

Tip #1 - Exfoliate Your Scalp

That's right. Exfoliating isn't just for your face and body. A healthy scalp is super important! Your scalp accumulates dead skin and nasty sebum that can clog pores and create dandruff. And if your hair is dark, it will be more noticeable than blondes. Start using a hair scrub 1-3x a week after washing your hair, and massage with a silicone scalp massager. If you aren't doing this yet, start TODAY!

"The scalp is a complex ecosystem...and plays an important role in keep hair in top top shape...Our scalp and hair are at their best when nourished, hydrated and healthy." – Virtue Labs

Tip #2 - Send Pics

First, email a photo of your hair loose in it's natural state so your assigned hair stylist can consult on how you should prep your hair (whether you should wash it the night before, blow-dry it, or anything else instructed that will help achieve your hair style goals).

We'll also need a photo or 2 of the hair style you desire, so we can consult on what might be needed - for example, you may need hair extensions for that particular length and volume, or our stylist may find she needs to schedule extra time than normal for the hair prepping for that particular style.

Tip #3 - No Hair Products

Keep your hair clean, free from hair products on the day of your appointment so it doesn't compromise the products that your hair stylist will be using. Mixing too many hair ingredients can weigh down the hair, and ultimately, lessen the time your hair style will last.

Tip #4 - No Wet Hair

Your hair should be DRY before we begin. This will save ample time for our hair stylist, and save you dollars (dry your hair to avoid a blowout fee).

Tip #5 - Curly or Wavy Hair? Blow it Out

No, this doesn't mean you should have to spend more money going to the salon to straighten it. You can blow-dry it straight yourself at home, even if it looks like a frizz ball. The goal is to rid any curls or waves, again, to save time, so we can get right to the hair prepping.


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