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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

If you’re open to getting some air as the summer heat approaches, please, wear your sunscreen!

I am a hardcore advocate for skin care with ☀️ SPF, but, somehow, last Saturday, I didn’t follow my own rule. I applied the my Mineral Sunscreen by REN and wore a hat to protect my face. And, as most of us do when we are out and about, I totally forgot about about the rest of my body as I hiked with a back-less and sleeve-less jumpsuit.

Did you know that over 100 photons enter the skin with no sunscreen? Versus SPF 30 gives us about 97% protection allowing only about 3 photons from entering the skin.

“What is a PHOTON?” you may be asking yourself right now: it’s a particle that transmits light... basically a discrete amount of electromagnetic radiation! 🙀 (Ya'll are seriously getting an spf education from me today!)

Interesting Fact: If your hair is RED, you are at a a HIGHER risk of contracting skin cancer if

sun burn

not protected. There's a special gene mutation in red heads with fair skin that allows for more cancer-causing UV radiation exposure than others. Crazy, right?!

I'm currently on the search for a body spray sunscreen. And when I find one I like, I'll be sure to post about it!

So... moral of the story: wear your 🔆SUNSCREEN‼️ on both body and face!

My friends have been making fun of me since last summer, which was around the time I became addicted to supplements. I actually HATED taking anything in the form of a pill - even Tylenol. I was never a big fan of medicine, or putting anything foreign in my body that didn't provide natural nutrients. Until, I discovered some of my new favorite brands: HUM Nutrition, 8Greens and Awakened Alchemy.

HUM truly has me addicted. If I wasn't already consuming 7 variations of their supplements, I'd probably be on a dozen more. My favorite thing about this brand is that all of their ingredients are sustainably sourced, gluten-free, and GMO-free. Oh, and they don't make me feel nauseous like some have in the past. And, most of their vitamins are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Since my teens, I've suffered from acne and bloating, and some of these supplements are helping with that, plus anti-aging.

I'm taking:

  • DAILY CLEANSE - clears skin and body from toxins

  • FLATTER ME - supports digestion

  • COLLAGEN POP - collagen and Vitamin C (berry flavored tablets that dissolve in water)

  • RED CARPET - for hydrated skin and shiny hair

  • SKIN HEROES - healthy bacteria for your gut

  • HERE COMES THE SUN - Vitamin D and immunity booster

  • PRIVATE PARTY - just launched! healthy bacteria for your private parts

There's sooooo many others to choose from. Just take their online quiz and see which are best for you. AND... GET $10 OFF USING MY PROMO CODE: 22EE97


8Greens has truly been a game changer for us - us meaning, myself and my teenage son. Since drinking 8Greens, we have more energy, less bloating, easier digestion, and better immune systems. It's only 10 calories a glass, no sugar (stevia instead), and children at least 4 years old can begin to drink it. It doesn't taste bad either. I've heard it's more of a fizzy Gatorade taste.

The average American doesn't consume enough greens in a day. I love me a good salad, but that's just not enough. With just 1 green tablet dissolved in 8 ounces of water, your body will be provided with 8 greens and 5 vitamins.




Blue Green Algea



Barley Grass

Aloe Vera

Vitamin B5 - as much as 15 cups of broccoli

Vitamin C - as much as 6 oranges

Vitamin B6 - as much as 6 cups of spinach

Vitamin B12 - as much as 7 cups of milk

Zinc - as much as 3 cups of peas


Awakened Alchemy launched last year, and it's about time! There's 2 supplements from this brand I take. One morning and one before going to bed. They both have an incredible, all-natural nootropic ingredient called Noopept, which gives our brain a powerful boost for cognitive performance such as:

improving memory

providing focus and clarity

promoting positive thinking

increasing motivation and drive

supporting overall long-term brain health

To add to these pretty incredible benefits, I've read so much recently on nootropics and learned that they have been proven to prevent or delay Alzheimer's and Dimension.

I've been taking:

Awaken Gold - daytime

contains nootropic that nourishes your brain to fuel your ingenuity, unleash your creativity, and support the development of the amazing possibilities of your mind. My memory is so terrible that I have been known to misplace my keys...EVERY SINGLE DAY, and after taking this bad boy for over a month, I can gladly say I know exactly where my keys are now.

Mind: Restore (replaces Dream) - before bed

nighttime nootropic that nourishes your brain while you sleep, so you wake up better rested and with a stronger and healthier brain. Now, I've been taking Dream because that's what I purchased before it got upgraded, so Mind: Restore no longer has Melatonin. But I'm ok with that because its newer version has L-Theanine, which is a natural amino acid that reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and improves sleep quality.


Click the links above to check out these supplements I live by. If you decide to try any of them, comment here or email me and let me know what you think!



I hope you all are digging the new site. I'm so excited to share a plethora of information with all of my readers here. I love to try new product launches, take selfies, and post them on my instagram. But I'll be posting them here too along with pertinent information I may learn about ingredients, trends, industry changes, and clients I've made over.

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